Political Review: 8/25/2017

Today is your Political Review!
Today Jon and Nathan have a passionate discussion about current events and their philosophical/political implications. They dive headlong into Iceland’s genocide of Down Syndrome unborn babies through abortion and what that says about society as a whole. They talk about Bannon’s resignation and what that means for that administration and its base. They also delve into the Charlottesville White Supremacists terrorist attack and how each party needs to root out the evils on their sides. Then at the end Nathan talks through a story not covered by the media.
Political Review Episode


Liberal Indoctrination Within Universities  

Today we talk with my friend who studies at UW-Stevens Point. We finalize our discussion about how “free” and “accepting” college campuses are. Are universities still a bastion of free-thinking? How free are you to speak your mind if you are a conservative on college campus? How are you received by others if you stand up for the second amendment? You may be shocked at the answers.

Liberal Indoctrination Within Universities Series

Political Review: 8/11/2017

Today Mr. Trueblood and I discuss what happened in politics these past two weeks. We touch on Anthony Scaramucci’s firing. We then give you our thoughts on the vote-a-rama flop and the Republican Party. After that we delve right into General Kelly and A.G. Sessions going after the leakers inside the White House. Then we talk about the pressing issue of a nuclear North Korea and the threats it is hurling at America. This is a jammed pack and an important Political Review that you won’t want to miss.

Political Review

Political Review: 7/28/2017

Today in your #Political Review Mr. Trueblood and I discuss the important issues that happened these past two weeks. We give you our opinion about the Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions #drama. We elaborate on Sean Spicer’s resignation as well as update you on what’s going on in the #senate with #healthcare. This is the show to listen to if you want to stay up to date:

Political Review Episode