Political Review: 8/11/2017

Today Mr. Trueblood and I discuss what happened in politics these past two weeks. We touch on Anthony Scaramucci’s firing. We then give you our thoughts on the vote-a-rama flop and the Republican Party. After that we delve right into General Kelly and A.G. Sessions going after the leakers inside the White House. Then we talk about the pressing issue of a nuclear North Korea and the threats it is hurling at America. This is a jammed pack and an important Political Review that you won’t want to miss.

Political Review

Political Review: 7/28/2017

Today in your #Political Review Mr. Trueblood and I discuss the important issues that happened these past two weeks. We give you our opinion about the Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions #drama. We elaborate on Sean Spicer’s resignation as well as update you on what’s going on in the #senate with #healthcare. This is the show to listen to if you want to stay up to date:

Political Review Episode

Episode 8: Try Me, I’m Jesus-Part 1

Today I am joined by my dear friend Pastor Syed. Syed is the author of the book “Try Me, I’m Jesus” as well as the head of the Isa for Muslims Ministry. Today he comes on the program to share with us how Jesus took him from being a devout Muslim to a devout Christian who now evangelizes to Muslims. It’s a testimony of heartache and triumph.
Try me, I’m Jesus