Episode 8: Try Me, I’m Jesus-Part 1

Today I am joined by my dear friend Pastor Syed. Syed is the author of the book “Try Me, I’m Jesus” as well as the head of the Isa for Muslims Ministry. Today he comes on the program to share with us how Jesus took him from being a devout Muslim to a devout Christian who now evangelizes to Muslims. It’s a testimony of heartache and triumph.
Try me, I’m Jesus

“Love your Neighbor” and the Muslim Refugees.

Was smoking my Gandalf pipe outside while pondering, love your neighbor, the Good Samaritan parable (Lk 10:25-37), and Muslim refugees. I realized something intriguing. The Good Samaritan didn’t bring the beaten Jew to his own home or community, he brought him to an inn. Probably because he didn’t know if the man was good or bad.

Why is this important or relevant to the Muslim refugees? It’s is of the upmost importance because Christians use “love your neighbor” as a reason for bringing Muslim refugees to our country. However, within the context of scripture that application is terribly misguided. It is misguided for two main reasons.

1: A Jew and Samaritan were both still living within the Roman Empire.

-This is important because they both were helping fellow countrymen. It would be similar to a Texan helping a Californian. Different statesman, different political beliefs, both Americans. Hermetically this passage cannot be used to push the agenda of bringing Muslim refugees to America.

2: The Samaritan took the beaten Jew to an inn, not his home. 

-The Samaritan brings the man to a safe place away from himself and family. 

Love your neighbor, and, the Good Samaritan parable cannot correctly be applied to the Muslim refugees. That is not to say we cannot glean wisdom from this passage. The Samaritan brought the man to an inn. If America chooses to do something about the refugees it would be wise to set up a safe zone within Syria for the refugees to live as charities give them aid. That is the wisdom that could be applied from this ancient text to this modern situation. 

Episode 7: Deceptions Christian’s Believe- Grace for Salvation, Work for the Rest- Part 2

Today my friend Grant and I finish our #assault on the #lie that has been #preached in #pulpits for years. This lie spits in the face of what happened at the #Cross. The lie is that #grace is just for #salvation but after that you have to work to keep in favor with #God. Many times #pastors don’t preach it so bluntly as that but many times it is covertly preached.

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Betrayal Led Me to Grace.

I think I’m learning that one of the reasons why I was so hurt and betrayed in the past by churches was because it was part of a process to bring me to the point where I could turn my back on the legalism that is found in churches. I was so entangled in the “church life” before being betrayed that I didn’t consider there was theological truth outside my churches. But there is. It’s more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen in all my years of being entrenched in “church life.” The truth that God is radical with His grace wasn’t even something I would have considered before my betrayal. God had to get me out of the church in order to make me see the truth that He radically loves me and has unmerited favor towards me.

Deceptions Christians Believe Episode 1 Part 1

Today my #friend Grant and I begin to tackle the lie that has been #preached in pulpits for years now. This lie spits in the face of what happened at the #Cross. The #lie is that #grace is just for #salvation but after that you have to #work to keep in #favor with #God. Many times #pastors don’t #preach it so #bluntly as that but many times it is #covertly preached.

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