Imagine With Me.

Imagine with me if you will:
Muslim refugees have come into this country. What has happened in Europe has also happened in America. Crime skyrocketed. Murder is up 50%. Rape is up 80%. Who’s to blame? Well if you are a regular Christian pushing for the entry of Muslim refugees then all you need to do is look into a mirror. 

I know why you did it. Hell I even can somewhat understand what drove you too it. It looked politically correct at the time. It seemed like the “Christian” thing to do. After all, they were hurting people. Yet you failed to understand the truth. You ignored the warning signs in Europe. You didn’t take responsibility to read the Quran and find out what those people actually took seriously.

Fear drove you to it. Fear of not looking Christian enough for your church community. Fear of not looking “Jesus” enough for your coworkers. Fear that if you didn’t do it no one else would. 

Yet, where was that drive to share the gospel with the Muslim world before it was politically correct? Where was that passion to see Muslims come to Christ before the news stories broke? Why did you only choose to speak up for the Muslims only when it could benefit you?! Where were you when former Muslims who turned Christian were looking for finances to share the gospel with Muslims years ago? Where were you when these troubles were not out in the lime light?! The answer is you were nowhere.

So now in your laziness and desire to play the part of compassionate Christian you have pushed the government to accept millions of refugees into our borders. Now you are to blame for the skyrocketing crime. The rape of your friends. And why husband have to fear for their wife’s as they are at work.

If you keep going down this road of ignorance Christian, the blame lies squarely on your shoulders. Think carefully.


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