The Recount. The End of the Democratic Party?

If the election is overturned by this recount and Hillary Clinton becomes president I don’t think it will go as well for the democrats as they think it will. Too many people can see through the fraud and will se the recount as fraud. No one trusts the mainstream media anymore. People will see Hillary’s hypocrisy in not accepting the results of the election. People will feel ignored and under tyranny. No one will vote for a democrat if they overturn the election.
Right now republicans have the house and senate for sure. If Hillary ends up getting the White House no one will work with her. In two years many democrat seats in the house and senate are up for grabs. Do they really think they will regain their seats if they screw over The People?!
I hope to God this recount doesn’t go anywhere. But if it does. If it changes the presidency The People may have had enough of the Democratic Party and destroy it.


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