My Journey of Understanding Islam.

I honestly used to think that Islam is just like Christianity right? I regretfully was wrong.
My journey started out when I read some verses from the Quran. Some good. Some bad. So I read the whole Quran and was appalled. There were verses about killing anyone who isn’t a Muslim *Quran 2:191-193*, torturing those who “fight” against Islam (I later found out through studies that that simply can mean not converting to Islam or disagreeing with Islam) *Quran 5:33*, Killing gays, killing the adulteress’s (I would say and the adulterer but that never happens because in Islam women are worthless and there needs to be four MEN as witnesses in order to stone a man). About how Allah doesn’t love those who don’t commit jihad *Quran 61:4*, fighting is prescribed to the Muslim even though they don’t like it *quran 2:216*. Etc.
I then thought to myself that surely the more peaceful verses have been abrogated and supersede the violent verses. I was wrong. In the Hadith Muhammad says that the older verses supersede the earlier. Unfortunately for the world the violent verses are the older ones.

I realized that this was not what I had been taught when I listened to Muslims, politicians, and news people. I was concerned as to why that was and learned about the doctrine of taqiyya. Taqiyya is the Islamic doctrine that declares that it is honorable to lie if it benefits Islam.
I then thought that culture would win out over violent religion. Again I was wrong. I became friends and have had many conversations with an ex-Muslim turned Christian who grew up in a wealthy Muslim family in the Middle East. From before he could talk he was being taught the Quran. He saw his father beat his mother often because the Quran allowed it. *search: Quran wife beating* His father beat him because the Quran allowed it. His father wanted to have a second wife because the Quran allowed it. He was not allowed to have any Christian friends because the Quran forbids it. When he became a Christian his whole family beat him mercilessly, his father and cousin tried to kill him, and his imams told him they could let them kill him because Muhammad demanded them to. *search: Islam apostasy*
We now see this culture clashing with the western culture in Europe. Refugees raping and grouping women, murder, beatings, raping of 10 year old boys, and other crimes. Some people may not have heard much about this because it has been proven that the police have been covering it up because of political correctness. In fact, the refugee who raped a ten year old boy got off free because of political correctness. Don’t believe me? Google it. The truth is plain to see on YouTube and other news networks if one is really willing to search it out.
This is why I am against any Muslim refugee coming to this country especially the “Syrian” refugees since most of them are fighting age men. They do not come to assimilate. They hate this country, they hate our constitution because it’s not sharia law, they hate our faiths because their “god” demands them to hate. They do not come to be free, they come to conquer. 
To those who say that none of this matters because well, “the Bible.” To you I say, “show me verses in the New Testament that demands that Christians must kill all unbelievers in order for Jesus to love them.”

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