Wisconsin School Bows the Knee to Obama’s DOJ

Recently the Wausau School District bowed the knee to #Obama’s #DOJ to allow biological men to shower with women and vice versa. To them I say this:
“The DOJ is strong arming schools to allow kids with male genitalia to use female showers and vice versa. Yet the children were unable to have a say with who they shower with? 
I have a 15 year old niece. She should not be subjected to shower with someone with a mental disorder who believes everything contrary to science. Biology doesn’t care about feelings. Chromosomes determine gender, not feelings.
When it comes to children the parents, not the government should dictate how to best take care of them. Why was this put to a vote by people who are so outside of the issue? This should have been voted upon by the parents and the children, the people who it directly impacts.
Furthermore, #transgender people only make up .3% of the entire population of America. Why is 99.7% of Americans being placed in an uncomfortable/awkward/confusing and many would argue an immoral situations in order to placate to only .3% of the population? 
This is a direct infringement and overstepping of the government.”

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