Response to a Trump Article

Trump Article

One of the first things that caught my eye was “the demonization of Muslims.” this however can be misinterpreted as what is really going on, telling the truth about Islam. Islam is evil and it is violent. it was taught by Muhammad to kill the unbeliever until all religion is for Allah (Quran 2:191-193) we must tell the truth about an ideology that has made itself an enemy against the West.

I however must say that I do agree with this: “the best way forward for conservative evangelicals is to refuse to submit to a Trump nomination and to focus on down-ticket elections, local government, and community flourishing.” those who do not agree with trump because he really isn’t a good choice to protect the constitution. However, we must not stay at home because the senate and house are at stake here too. We must vote in constitutional conservatives into those positions otherwise we are screwed. So yes, even if we do not agree with trump we must not stay at home.

“He will build a wall but make Mexico pay for it. He will prevent jobs from leaving the US but has argued for outsourcing.” This one is a weird one because we absolutely need a wall and I think it should be a joint job because both countries will benefit from it. It is not racist to say that we need to keep illegal immigrants out of our country. They need to be kept out and they need to be kicked out. However, he has no right to say that he will keep companies in the US. Those are private businesses and they have a right to do as they please. That is the whole point of a free market.

“But most often, Trump doesn’t even bother to make specific promises, let alone explain how he will fulfill them. Instead, he tells us that he will give us “everything and that he is the only one who can do so.” a very fair observation and one I have a huge problem with also.

“It is also true that it will be much easier for a Republican Congress to oppose a Democratic president than a Republican one. The election of Hillary Clinton will provide a rallying point for conservatives, making it easy for them to unify in opposing unconstitutional or harmful policies. But if Trump becomes president, Republicans in Congress will feel a substantial obligation to fall in line with their party leader’s platform, and we have already seen how effective Trump is at bullying otherwise principled politicians into submission.” This is actually a brilliant point that I hadn’t really thought about before but it definitely makes sense. This all does presume that we win back the house and senate which means that we all must not stay at home but go out and vote. Even if we will not throw a vote for the president.

“It would be wiser to vote for Hillary Clinton because a Trump presidency would be far too damaging to our nation and the safety of minorities.” Absolutely not!! This is the worst because we know that if she gets in she will do everything to tear up the constitution. A vote for Hillary is a vote against America! Against the constitution! Against everything that is good!

“Whomever we vote for this November, this election has taught us that we have much more basic and long-term work to do in order to have a robust, effective, principled, and influential conservative movement again.” A very true statement. We have allowed this disaster to happen because we don’t know where we have come from. Not many people have read the constitution or the declaration of independence. We have to read these documents and educate ourselves on what true conservativism is. We must read these documents and stand for those principles and speak out and demand our government acts upon these principles.

“Paranoia over immigration and Muslims” It is not paranoia, read the Quran and look at illegal immigration stats.

“Exaggerating the dangers of political correctness” Not an exaggeration. Political correctness was birthed in communist Russia in order to control the populous. If you were not politically correct you were sent to reeducation camps or killed. It is not a stretch to believe that could happen here.

“Peddling conspiracy theories about President Obama” It is not a conspiracy theory to state that Obama played a large part to bring about the existence of ISIS.

“Raising fears of race wars.” It is not wrong to state the fact that a race war is underway between the BLM and police. Police die because of the ideology of BLM each week. Be tuned in to Freedom’s Fortress where an in-depth episode of the rise, the heroes, and the answer to BLM will be coming.

All in all I think that it was well said. We must stand by our principles and not give them up. That will look different for everyone.


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