Don’t settle with a hashtag.

Just changing your status to #prayingfororlando isn’t going to change anything. Praying is good, but just praying isn’t going to change the situation. People need to decide what they are going to do to stand up for their liberties and their life. 
Exercising your second amendment rights are a great way to keep yourself safe from harm. Some people aren’t comfortable with buying a gun and that’s ok, just don’t stand in the way of others or voting against others from protecting themselves with a gun because they believe their life and their family’s lives have value. 
Maybe if you don’t want to buy a gun maybe you can get educated about what’s behind these terrorist attacks and why they are happening. I would suggest reading the Quran. When you read the ‘holy’ books of Muslims you will understand why Islam has killed many gays either by gun or by throwing them off tall buildings. 
Don’t just spend your time in your knees. God uses you when you stand on your feet.

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