LGBT wants Captain America to be gay.

Some in the #LGBT movement want to make #CaptainAmerica #gay. This is because they want to tear down what is normal and good and establish something abnormal and evil. It is part of a demonic agenda that destroys that which is good in the family, freedom, and America. 
We have given this group enough. They have equality. Now they want superiority. That isn’t how a free society works and it’s about time they understand that.

One thought on “LGBT wants Captain America to be gay.

  1. As something of an older guy, I can remember the early days of the gay rights movement. Their slogan went something like “We’re here, we’re queer. Deal with it.” I can respect that line of thinking. What I can’t respect, and frankly, find insulting, is their insistence that I find their lifestyle to be an alternative version of “normal.” I’m fine with the fact that the word “normal” is not an adjective often used in reference to me, I don’t demand that it should be.

    For those that wonder who it is that gets to decide what’s “normal,” allow me to explain:

    Men and women are designed differently, with different body parts that were designed that way for a specific reason. Whether they were designed that way by God, or by Darwin, is totally irrelevant. People who use those body parts in a manner consistent with their design can be considered “normal,” As for the others, well …

    Use your body parts as you see fit. I respect, and will defend, your right to do so. Just please stop trying to convince me that you’re “normal.”


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