The two trees

There are two trees in the garden. The tree of Life (Jesus) and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil (religion). These two trees cannot be intertwined. 
The way I’m defining religion here is “the mindset that one must add their good works to the work of Christ in order to become more righteous and gain favor and blessings from God.” 
Now, the word ‘religion’ is not always a bad word. The bible uses the word ‘religion’ in the book of James as good works that a believer does because they have already been made perfect in Christ, not to become perfect or holy. It is more of an overflow of righteousness showing up as good deeds because Christ is in us and we desire to show who we are in Christ to the world. The focus in the NT word religion is your relationship with Christ which produces an overflow of goodness because Jesus shows up in your life. 
The use of religion that I have a problem with is when people see themselves as not complete in Christ and that they need to add to the work of Christ by following rules to gain righteousness. That is what I see in the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They thought that they in lack or that God was withholding something from them when in reality they lacked nothing and God wasn’t withholding anything.


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