One thought on “The truth about climate change.

  1. A few words from someone who is so old that he was a senior in high school on the very first Earth Day.
    I grew up in Los Angeles, and back then the environment was indeed a serious issue. I remember that when I was in grade school, the air pollution was often so bad that my eyes would actually sting. The state of California passed some sensible laws, and over time the air quality has improved dramatically.
    Water pollution and ways to deal with solid waste on land were also serious issues on which considerable progress has been made.
    But a side effect of all of this was the creation of a new industry, environmentalism. Now this all sounds fine, but, as can sometimes happen, it seems to have become a victim of its own success. so, what’s an activist to do? After all, if the problems everol get so, those people might actually have to find an honest job.
    Climate change presents The perfect opportunity for them. since it is not a real problem, the imagined problem can go on for ever and ever without ever being solved.
    Job security for the leeches of society.


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