His Humility, Not Ours

A great Christmas thought my friend had.

grace is freedom

Does this sound familiar to you? “Would you have opened a place for the Savior?  Would you have given him a place to sleep.”  This is usually followed by a sermon about how selfish the inn keepers were to make Mary and Joseph use a manger.  What follows is a guilt trip about what we would have done.   Suddenly this beautiful message has lost it’s power and is focusing on us.  This is usually paired with the passage “What you do to these, you do to me.”  Again, all empowerment is gone because we fail.  The problem is this is not the point to get from the story of Jesus’ birth.

The story of the manger is about all mighty God humbling himself to the lowest possible means.  This is to get back the creation he lost and wanted back so dearly.  This, is in no way related to us. …

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