See the Father

Here is a good article my friend did about how God is our dad.

grace is freedom

I was at work today, and saw a father and son going on their joyous way shopping.  The father spoke and the son listened. The son asked for a treat and the dad looked at him with love in his eyes but said no.  The kid got left behind as he still wanted to have his snack.  When he realized he was alone, he chased after his dad and clung to the leg of this man who was his whole world.  I first thought to myself, how nice it was to have a well behaved child in our store for once.  My second thought was, what a example of our father’s love for us. How great of a showcase of our response to this love.

See, this kid knew how loved he was.  He knew that his dad didn’t say “no” to the snack because he was mean but wanted…

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