Trusting God while doubting the institution.

I would like to share with you about something that has been near to my heart recently: the possibility of trusting God while knowing that your country or church cannot be sustained the way it is going for much longer. 
I have always strived to be a realistic man, knowing the good and the damnable while trying to make sense of it all. But in recent times people have asked me if I am even trusting God while believing and preparing for the implosion of my nation. This is a hard question and I’ve had to think about it for a while. I have come to the conclusion that I am trusting God but I am not believing that he will always sustain the freedoms in America. This is simple, you can trust God without trusting the institution. 
Let me explain. God never promised to keep an institution alive. He didn’t even keep the temple alive. Or a Christian Rome alive. He did, however, promise to keep a remnant of His universal church alive.
There have been two Christian Roman Empires in history. The first was a little after Constantine the Great when the original Roman Empire switched from pagan to Christian. What followed after was much mishandling of the empire by incompetent emperors. This mismanagement lead to the sack and downfall of Rome. The second Holy Roman Empire fell in similar manner as well. If God would not protect holy Christian empires from their own incompetence why should we think that God will protect America from ours? This is why it is important to take a stand for our freedoms against the tyrants because if we don’t God isn’t guaranteeing the survival of our country – only the survival of His Bride.
This means we still have hope – though we may have to fight for the survival of our country, God’s promises remain. If our country falls into the iron rule of tyrants we Christians, beloved of God will survive and even thrive. Maybe not thrive financially or health wise, but our spirits will thrive because we have the Holy Spirit within us encouraging and feeding our spirit. God has promised to us, his beloved, never to leave us or forsake us. Drawing back upon history, we can see that even in the fall of the Christian Roman Empires God saved and sustained a remnant. He showed them his love and kindness even as they were taken as slaves to parts unknown, strange, and barbaric. He spoke grace into their life and let them know that this wasn’t happening because he was angry with them. As they walked miles a day in chains he spoke truth to them, letting them know this world, this plane of existence is only temporary and because of the cross they will have everlasting rest with him as his children. As they trudged through the mud he let them know that even though their outside is dirty they are white as snow because of what Jesus has done on their behalf.
This is why I can say that I fully trust God, but I will never trust that this country will always be free. Incompetence, tyranny, and evil will always exist on this earthly realm. But what is even more true, and even more real is that the Finished Work of Jesus, freedom, and God’s steadfast love has always existed in the eternal realm, manifested itself on this earthly plain, and will continue to exist forever more. 
~Templar of Truth 


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