Be the light we need.

Here are some hard things I’m working through.
Satan is on the war march. He is using his puppets to take away our freedoms. But, what we need to remember is that God is already on His throne victorious. If you are in Christ you are already seated in the heavenly realm victorious. You have transcended this dark world because Jesus lives in you. Now I’m not saying give up and be useless in this world because you have transcended it. I’m saying that the darkness doesn’t have to consume you. Don’t take it on. Know that your dad is protecting you in the midst of the darkness and your light is stronger then the darkness of the deepest depth of Hell because your light that is in you is God Himself! God has made you more powerful. You are a force to be reckoned with! Now use your light to destroy the darkness around you and free the captives it encircles!

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