Time to wake up America.

Alright Americans, it’s time for you all to wake up. Obama is going after our second amendment rights. You might be thinking, “why should I care I don’t own a gun?” Maybe you don’t, but it’s still your freedom and your right to defend yourself with a firearm that your forefathers gave you, and it is this right the government is trying to take away. 
If they try to take away the second amendment what is to stop them from taking away the first? Hell, they already have made war against freedom of speech by placing “free-speech” zones on campus’s and other places. They are also making war against it by trying to make “hate speech” something illegal. 
These are despite times. We all need to wake up, grow a backbone, and actually stand up for our freedoms that our forefathers fought for. Not many of you have stood up and actually shed blood on behalf of this country and its freedoms, so most of you take for granted or don’t even care when those freedoms are slowly taken away and wool is slowly lifted over your eyes. But I tell you with 100% certainty that unless we stand united and tell this overreaching federal government that they are there to protect our freedoms and enforce our freedoms instead of squash our freedoms we will end up in chains. Either literal or metaphorical. It has happened in the past, in other countries, it can happen here. Either you stand up now and pour forth speech, or you will fall later pouring forth blood!

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